Restauro Tessile
di Beyer and Perrone Da Zara


Conservation and restoration of antique textile objects:

tapestries, fabrics, embroideries, garments, upholstery, carpets and more!

The phases of our work

- Analysis of materials
- Microscope observation -
Historical artistic research -
Photographic and graphic documentation before the intervention
- Suction
- Disassembly
- Consolidation and preparation for washing
- Solidity test for washing -
Stain removal
- Control test of the water for washing
- Washing in aqueous solution according to tested
procedures - Research and preparation of yarns and fabrics
- Dyeing of the
same - Consolidation according to conservative or integrative methods - Adequate supports and suspensions
- Assistance in setting up and relocating the object
on site - Xenotest for light fastness
- Technical and climatic analyzes of the exhibition site
- Selvedge weaving

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